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Patricia receives the trophy for the itSMF UK
“Submission of the Year” from Edwina Currie
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Patricia says “I had the pleasure to give a talk on “The seven building blocks for IT Service Management success” at the itSMF Belgium conference on 14th March 2013.  I then wrote a white paper discussing these seven blocks, that I submitted to the itSMF UK 2013 Submission of the Year Award and…    I won!
Summary of the paper....

It is clear that most companies and organisations trying to implement processes don’t get the expected results.  My analysis of this situation is that focusing on processes is necessary but not sufficient to achieve success in a service organisation.
Success does not just happen, you have to build it.  That’s why I love the metaphor of building blocks.  It is a good illustration of the fact that organisational success emerges from the complex assembly of several building blocks (i.e. resources and capabilities).
Through my experience and knowledge in both Service Management and management in general, I came to the conclusion that there is a need to go beyond processes and technology.  I have identified other key building blocks that have to be considered:  people, management, organisation, culture and strategy.
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White Paper here
November 4th , International Conference Centre, Birmingham